Behind-the-scenes look at a FOX Sports Packers broadcast

GREEN BAY (WITI) -- FOX Sports will do a lot of football games during the professional football season -- and FOX6's Tom Pipines met up with the FOX Sports crew at Lambeau Field for a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to pull off say, a Green Bay Packers broadcast.

FOX Sports Director Rich Russo will do a Wild Card game, a divisional game, a championship game and the Super Bowl -- so FOX6's Tom Pipines asked him a simple question -- how do you show this kind of a game to America?

"It's really the ability to listen to Joe and Troy, as well as the ability to look for all of the other subtleties that are going out there -- from reaction shots, whether it's the winning team, the losing team. (Sunday) it will be all the cold elements,"  Russo said.

"All the conversation has been about the weather -- and then a great football game will break out," FOX Sports Sideline Reporter Pam Oliver said as the Packers took on the San Francisco 49ers on a bitterly cold day.

"As Rich, our director sits there and calls out cameras and tells us to go from replay to replay, as we move through the show, he is sort of directing people, and I'm punching the show visually,"

"Every week you can count on these guys to make something look good, to make everything informational -- it is a busy, busy place during the game!" Oliver said.

"There's no question (managing people) is a big thing, because you have to -- you have a lot of people that are working with you and you have to be able to react, and the ability to work together is really crucial," Russo said.

"They are screaming back and forth and they have their own language and their own dialogue so it's a really fascinating process, but this is how we get on the air. This is everything," Oliver said.

Speaking of everything -- how does that yellow line work that allows viewers at home to see the first down marker before the officiating crew can even make its measurement?

"We almost take it for granted now. And it's standard that the viewer really expects and wants to see that and needs to see that -- but it is a separate unit. It is a Sport Vision unit and it is basically there for potential line of scrimmages -- obviously first downs, and it has become an integral part of our coverage," Russo said.

Sunday's game on FOX was viewed by over 47 million people -- making it the most watched NFL game since last year's Super Bowl -- and the most watched Wild Card game ever.

"I try not to think about that. I mean, sure -- the reality of it is is you get to, we are fortunate enough to do big games every week. As the playoffs roll around and then obviously we'll be doing the Super Bowl, sure, we're on this big stage, but you have to keep a sense of calmness throughout as you are doing the game. That's, I think is really, really important, and I think that's part of having the crew work with you and being able to work extensively and being able to work hard with the crew," Russo said.