'Be a part of something that's bigger:' High school football team creates special moment for classmate

ST. FRANCIS -- A high school senior had a special send-off at the football game in St. Francis on Friday, Oct. 4. He made the play of the game on a night he will never forget.

Logan Borzick is the manager of the St. Francis Mariners. It is a role he has played since 5th grade -- cheering on the team and helping out on the sidelines. He is unable to play football because of a traumatic brain injury he sustained as a baby.

"He always comes to the practices, he sees us practice, I know he wants to play," said one of Borzick's classmates.

Borzick's teammates and coaches came up with a plan -- to coordinate a special play with visiting team Kenosha Christian Life before the game.

Borzick took the field ready. The entire student body was cheering him on. Borzick took the pass, ran the ball -- and touchdown!

It is a moment Borzick and his teammates will never forget. It is what his coach says football is all about.

"One of the things we do with our kids other than just talk about football is, be a part of something that's bigger than them -- and this is one of those moments," said Head Coach Jeff Wallack.

Borzick is graduating a football player -- and forever a Mariner.