Baseball fans: New security procedures at Miller Park take effect Thursday

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- In coordination with new procedures established by Major League Baseball, the Milwaukee Brewers have announced that all fans will be screened metal detectors on Thursday, September 11 against the Miami Marlins and again on Saturday, September 13 against the Cincinnati Reds.

Fans are encouraged to arrive early on those dates to accommodate the screenings.

The Brewers have screened fans at select gates this year for multiple games, but this will mark the first full-screening of all fans attending games. For other remaining regular season home games, the Brewers will continue to scan at select gates.

Fans will need to remove all metal from their pockets before walking through the metal detectors. This includes items such as phones and keys; however, wallets, shoes and belts will not need to be removed. Bags will continue to be checked at the gates. The list of prohibited items at Miller Park has not altered, but fans are reminded that the Brewers will not hold any prohibited items. Fans will have the option of taking the item back to their vehicle or the team will dispose of it for them.

The new protocols are part of a broader security program initiated this season by Major League Baseball. The process of screening all fans at all games will be fully implemented for the Postseason and for all Major League Baseball games in 2015.

The entrance to Miller Park bears a striking resemblance to an airport.

"I know it's new and everything they're just trying to be safe," said baseball fan, Mark Snider.

The new screening process may run a wand over fans arms and legs. Then it's through the blue gates, and into the ballpark.

"I didn't really hear a lot of complaining so it was good," said baseball fan, Adrienne Kingery.

The first official game with the new security in place doesn't appear to cause too much backlog.

There's more complaints about the weather, than the changes.

"We got through like that and it's freezing cold so it was really nice to just burn through and it was fine, there was no delays nothing," said Kingery.

"I don't think it would be an issue of the weather was warmer," Snider said.

Major League Baseball is requiring the security changes. Starting next year, every ballpark in the country is required to have metal detectors.

"I think it's wonderful, we got through really quickly there was no issues, I feel safe," said Kingery.

Brewers fans say, it's just a sign of the times.

"I think it's a shame that our society has come to that, but it obviously has," said John Peacock, baseball fan.

Fans will notice the new detectors out again at Saturday's game at every entrance. After that, the Brewers will scan at select entrances, for the rest of the regular season.

Then for the postseason, the detectors will be back at every entrance.