Baseball fans, foodies cheer something new to sink their teeth into at Miller Park

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Brewers pulled the wraps off some new culinary treats that will be available at Miller Park for the 2016 season.

Those new offerings include:

    Leading the charge with the new menu items was Chef Seth Vanderlaan.

    "We've been working on this menu for about four months," said Vanderlaan.

    Banh Mi Brat (Available at Miller Park in 2016)

    Among the new items featured is the Banh mi Brat.

    "It's a take on the French influence of the Vietnamese cuisine," Vanderlaan said.

    Stormin' Gorman's BBQ (Available at Miller Park in 2016)

    Jalapeno Popper Dog (Available at Miller Park in 2016)

    If you're interested in more than food,  there's also something else to see at Miller Park. The Brewers say the Team Store has been renovated -- and includes a new hat wall.

    Brewers Treat Truck