Badgers relent on Uthoff transfer options

MADISON -- In the face of withering criticism, Wisconsin basketball coach Bo Ryan and school athletic officials have lifted their restrictions on transferring freshman Jarrod Uthoff.  He still will not be able to become a scholarship athlete at a different Big Ten School, but can now consider other schools which had previously been off-limits to him.

After redshirting (sitting out) as a freshman, Uthoff decided to leave the Badgers program.  It was reported that prior to talking to the player directly, UW restricted him from going to any Big Ten school, Marquette, Iowa State and any Atlantic Coach Conference school, plus possibly Florida.  While Ryan disputes that number of schools, the approach came off as heavy-handed.

In the end, a player who never played at Wisconsin but became a big name anyway, will get a chance to be well known for what he does on the court at a school of his choice.