Atlanta Braves 3rd baseman bought mom $70K Maserati for quitting smoking, TMZ reports

ATLANTA -- Atlanta Braves third baseman Josh Donaldson gifted his mother a $70,000 Maserati after she quit smoking.

According to TMZ, Donaldson made a deal with his mom a couple of years ago -- telling her if she cut out cigarettes, he'd deliver the pricey ride as a reward.

TMZ reported she recently hit the two-year mark with no smoking, so he recorded the delivery of her new vehicle, and needless to say, her reaction was priceless.

The video shows Donaldson's mother jumping into his arms screaming.

Other MLB stars weighed in on the video, with one calling it the "best reaction ever.

TMZ noted this purchase won't put too much of a dent in Donaldson's checkbook because he's expected to sign a big contract in free agency during the off-season.