Allegations against Braun could devastate his marketability

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Ryan Braun does a lot of stuff outside of baseball. He has two restaurants in southeast Wisconsin with a third on the way. What could the new allegations do to his brand and businesses? FOX6 News took a closer look.

Braun's endorsement income is undoubtedly worth millions. Companies such as Remington, Nike and Kwik Trip have signed him on.

Now, there is speculation that a prior investigation into his possible use of performance-enhancing drugs has cut his endorsement value way back already -- especially since he should be commanding big bucks as an MVP. The newest controversy probably will not make advertisers eager to sign Braun.

"If I'm representing a company that might be considering him for endorsements, you're worried about damage control," said Brian Bennett, owner of Stir Marketing.

As a baseball fan, Bennett does not want to believe the allegations facing Braun. But as a businessman, he realizes the practical side.

"When someone has a history and a potential for a problem in the offing you're going to shy away. That's going to hurt him financially. It already has," said Bennett.

Social media already reflects the controversy surrounding Braun's name. On a Facebook site promoting numerous charitable fundraising events and efforts connected to Braun, there is polarization; comments of support and comments showing anger.

Bennett says so far, Braun has done a good job representing himself -- and eventually could overcome the negative publicity.

"As a fan of somebody who wants to believe in him, I'm buying it. What will be a problem is if that isn't true. In that case, he's sort of painted himself into a corner," said Bennett.

The new 8-twelve restaurant slated for Bayshore Town Center is still on track. A source close to the restaurant chain is calling the allegations against Braun ridiculous.

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