Packers great Green discusses 3-1 start, London, HOF induction

The Green Bay Packers are going international with a 3-1 record after beating the Patriots 27-24 in overtime.

FOX6's Lily Zhao went one-on-one with Packers all-time leading rusher, Ahman Green, to get his thoughts on the Packers passing the eye test and a look ahead to London.

Lily Zhao: "Ahman, this team will take a win any way they can. Aaron Rodgers said he's not terribly concerned about the quality of the win but did acknowledge how they're playing is not sustainable. As a former player with that analyst cap on now, do you agree? Do they need to always pass the eye test or is a win just a win?"

Ahman Green: "No, I agree with you. You can't sustain winning games like this because like you mentioned, it puts a lot of pressure on the defense to perform, so offensively you want to make sure you start fast every game and get a little bit better game by game, and right now going to London, you got a hot New York Giants team that's playing really good football for themselves. One of their best players, Saquon Barkley, is playing really good football at his position, so you want to make sure offensively, you sustain and score points and try to keep turnovers to a minimum and then just let the defense be the defense."

Zhao: "The Packers are going overseas. They're going to London to take on the Giants. What're your thoughts on this week? It's going to be a lot different because of that preparation and the schedule changing. What're your thoughts on London? Are you going to be there?"

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Green: "I wish I could be there, but I'm not going to be there. My thoughts on London from a player's point of view is one, go to bed the same time you go to bed here in Central Standard Time here in Wisconsin. Do that. So, if you go to sleep at 10 o'clock or 11 o'clock, fight your body from going to sleep early because you're going to want to go to sleep early being that you're six to seven hours away from your sleeping time zone, so do that first. Then, enjoy yourself. Take the sights in. Do as much as you can with the little bit of time you'll have free for yourself as a player, you know, take a few pictures, enjoy the city for what you can, but then come Sunday, be ready to play football. Enjoy yourself."

Zhao: "That is some phenomenal advice, and I also wanted to ask you. You're part of the 73rd induction class into the Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame. That's a huge honor, with yourself, Rollie Fingers, John Anderson and some other big names being inducted. What does that mean to you?"

Green: "It means a lot, I mean those guys you just mentioned, I've watched Rollie Fingers play baseball with his curled-up mustache and just thought that was like so cool and thought maybe I could grow one of those one day. Now I get to sit in the same building along with not only Rollie, but like Hank Aaron, Robin Yount, that have done some great things here in the state of Wisconsin as professional athletes, as givers back to the communities they played in at that time. I've done a lot for myself here in Wisconsin. I've actually been in Wisconsin for 22 years now, so it's been a fantastic journey up until this point and I say the icing on the cake is being inducted into this Hall of Fame with a bunch of other good, phenomenal athletes throughout the history of Wisconsin sports, so I'm very excited, and I say very humbled by the achievement and the honor that's been bestowed on me, so thank you."

Green will be inducted into the Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame on April 1, 2023.

The Packers will take on the Giants in Week 5 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. Kickoff is scheduled for 8:30 am on Sunday, October 9.