Admirals rookie trying to write the perfect script as a pro

With a TV/film major from Notre Dame on his resume, Spencer Stastney knows a thing or two about scripts, and he is following a pretty good one.

"It's perfect," said Stastney. "I don't think this is something you can really write out."

Stastney is a Mequon native who is also an emerging NHL prospect while playing for the Admirals.

"He might be the best skater in the whole league," said Admirals Head Coach Karl Taylor. "His first step is acceleration. He's a separator when it comes to that, but he's a young guy in the pros, learning and understanding and taking it all in. He's a great young guy, a good prospect. He's right where he should be and right on schedule."

Stastney is living at home with his mom and doing his share of household chores.

Once he leaves for work, he's getting a firsthand course on how to be a successful pro.

"Another thing is just having to be consistently excellent here as a professional," Stastney said. "In college, you're still developing, you're still having to grow and learn together, but here, 'We're expecting you to be great, and we pay you to be great, so let's see it on the ice.'"

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Stastney loved being on the ice with the Fighting Irish while also studying finance and those visual arts.

"I tried to do in front of the camera," said Stastney. "No, as you can tell. I tried to do behind the camera. No. So I then I just focused on film theory."

"Film theory, very nice. But what exactly does that mean?" asked FOX6's Tim Van Vooren.

"That means for homework every night, you go home, you watch a movie, you write a little paper about it, and you talk about what the scene meant for the whole film," Stastney said.

Stastney's on a healthy contract to be a professional hockey player in the game he loves for the town he grew up in on a winning team, and yet, something is absent, or, at least, it was.

"I think one thing that I thought I wouldn't miss about college was homework every night," said Stastney. "When I first started pro hockey, I got out of the rink, and I'm like, 'What am I doing?' Like, ‘What do I do with the rest of my day?’ Just finding ways to read, even play some games with the guys or just find some ways to stimulate the brain. That's something I kind of miss, but I'm getting used to that and trying to put that into my routine."

Stastney said he doesn't actually get as many questions as expected from his teammates about what to do in Milwaukee.

He says most of them may know more than he does about downtown hotspots, while he's more familiar with the North Shore area right now.