Aaron Rodgers' Game of Thrones appearance has viewers taking a closer look

MILWAUKEE -- Did you see him? Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers apparently made a brief cameo appearance on HBO's Game of Thrones on Sunday, May 12.

Rodgers himself touted the appearance on Instagram.

Fox News reported fans narrowed down Rodgers’ cameo to two scenes. In the first, he was spotted as an archer of the Lannister army preparing for the battle over King’s Landing. Fans said he is standing in formation third from the right.

But Fox News says others spotted the two-time NFL MVP while Daenerys Targaryen rides atop her last remaining dragon, Drogon, and burns the city and its people, including Rodgers.

Rodgers had previously hinted he was going to be appearing on the hit show. Rodgers made a mysterious tweet back in April about the fantasy series, using a hashtag that says "Episode 5 should be good." On Sunday, the fifth episode of the final season will be airing -- and according to a tweet by Packers reporter Aaron Nagler, Rodgers will be making an appearance in the episode.

Rodgers and his girlfriend Danica Patrick were spotted in Belfast, Ireland last summer -- and as hardcore Thrones fans know, a number of GoT scenes were shot in northern Ireland.