'A place to go now:' Bucks' success brings business boom to Milwaukee's new Deer District

Tim Roloff

MILWAUKEE -- The Deer District has been front and center for both home and away games during the Milwaukee Bucks' playoff run, and one of Milwaukee's newest neighborhoods has become much more than just a place to catch a basketball game. It's become a place to see and be seen, even when the Bucks are off.

A sunny Sunday, May 5, with temperatures in the 70s, meant good business in the Deer District, with the BMO Harris Bradley Center still coming down.

"You have a place to go now, where you didn't have a place to go before," said Sarah Roloff.

"Before, you would come and you would leave. Now you have a place to hang out," said Tim Roloff. "So, somebody likes beer --like myself -- there's four, five different areas. Every time you come down, there's something new."

With the Bucks holding a 2-1 series lead against the Boston Celtics, with a game left in Boston Monday night, May 6 before the series comes back home to Milwaukee, the Deer District around Fiserv Forum has served as a new home for those that like to revel in the city's latest outdoor offerings.

"All the outdoor areas and everything, all the patios, we didn't really have that too much before," said Katie Schuttenhelm.

"Everything that's coming together -- you got all these different places to go. A lot of places to bring people together, and get groups outside and just enjoy this area -- and seeing the Bucks win!" said Michael Smith.

Blake Lawson is a civil engineer by day, and a social engineer by night over at Good City Brewing. Lawson said playoff frenzy has only helped the bottom line, but said the area's transformation from the old Bradley Center to what it is today has been fascinating to watch.

"It's very cool to see Milwaukee, that resurgence, the revitalization of this downtown core that used once be that same way," said Lawson.