A.J. Bombers is among new additions to Miller Park this season

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- When the Milwaukee Brewers come home to Milwaukee next week, fans will notice plenty of changes at Miller Park. Some of the new additions are still under wraps ahead of Opening Day on Monday, March 31st -- but the Brewers did show some off on Wednesday, March 26th.

"We're custodians of this amazing facility that the taxpayers funded and from our perspective, every year, we've gotta add to it and create new experiences, new attractions," Brewers Chief Operating Officer Rick Schlesinger said.

There are plenty of new items for sale. Of course, many of them revolve around the Brewers unofficial mascot, Hank the dog -- for whom you can also leave a message in the Brewers Team Store.

Other items revolve around popular players and personalities.

"In terms of dollars, it's important, but in terms of our brand and our marketing, it's hugely important. When someone wears a Brewers item, a Brewers T-shirt, they paid for that item but also they're signifying their fondness for the team and their support of the team," Schlesinger said.

Completely new this year is the "Brewers Authentics" section. It features game-worn jerseys, hats and helmets -- along with game-used balls.

Just down the concourse, fans can now eat at A.J. Bombers, the concession stand.

"We are ready to serve today. We've been testing our equipment for the last couple of days. As a matter of fact, today as part of the tour, we're serving one of our custom concretes that we did for Opening Day weekend called 'Bernie's Concrete' or 'the Cracker Jack' -- beer caramel, salted peanuts, and caramel corn," an official with A.J. Bombers told FOX6 News.

You used to need a special ticket to get into the Toyota Territory -- but now, it's open to everyone.

"We wanted to make it more fan-friendly, make it accessible to more people and the space came out great. I think it looks really clean and nice and I think fans are gonna really enjoy it," Schlesinger said.

The Brewers also renovated the Friday's Front Row restaurant in left field.

At the regular concession stands, several new food items are available -- including a beef brisket and chicken fajita wraps.

There are also a few vegetarian items on the menu this year.