'A ballet of emotions:' Brewers fans eager for opener after weekend series vs. Cardinals postponed

Without another postponement, Milwaukee Brewers fans were no doubt feeling relieved Monday, Aug. 3, as the Crew finally took the field for their home opener vs. the Chicago White Sox, after the weekend series vs. the St. Louis Cardinals was postponed due to positive cases of COVID-19 among the St. Louis squad. In Wauwatosa at Leff's Lucky Town, fans got as close to the action as they knew how, by tuning into the game, while social distancing on the patio.

In anticipation of the Brewers' home opener, fans were feeling nothing short of a roller coaster of emotions.

"Kinda frustrating," said Rick Tronnier.

"Hopefully we get some baseball in!" said Lynn Bitney.

"It's definitely a ballet of emotions," said Scott Peters. "I went from happy to sad, happy to sad about a thousand times since this all started."

For three best friends, it was a long time coming.

"We're like, 30/40 games short right now," said Robin Regner.

"Let's see, Opening Day one, no-go, Opening Day two, no go, so third time's the charm, right?" said Jesse Jirik.

Peters, Regner and Jirik returned to Miller Park Monday for a photo op. 

Jesse Jirik, Robin Regner, Scott Peters

"This is our second home," said Regner.

They stood in the same spot where they would have been tailgating, if this were any other season. 

"Opening Day for us is our escape, so not being able to escape to baseball is kind of rough," said Peters.

At the Brewers Team Store, fans like Ryan Bitney and mom, Lynn, supported the team not in spirit -- but in cardboard!

Ryan Bitney

"He's at Opening Day as a cutout, and we figured if we're at the stadium, then he's actually at Opening Day," said Lynn Bitney.

Others found comfort with familiar items, and new ones like Brewers-themed face masks. 

"I love these! Very nice!" said Ken Jelacic, a faithful Brewers fan who was preparing to start his shift just a few hours after first pitch -- hoping to wake up to a Brew Crew win.

"Set my DVR, got that all set up," he said. "First game of the season here at Miller Park!"