70 students enroll in UWGB classes exploring 50 years of Green Bay Packers' history

GREEN BAY -- As the Green Bay Packers head into their 100th season, UW-Green Bay students are getting the chance to revisit the early years of the iconic franchise.

In the fall 2018 semester, three classes (Hum Stud 200/300 and History 290) will team up under the leadership of Brent Hensel, the curator for the Green Bay Packers' Hall of Fame, to study the first 50 years of Packers' history (1919 – 1969).

Seventy students are enrolled in the Packers' history class being offered this fall.

The course will focus on Packers' origins and legends -- from 1919 until the Lombardi era.

The objective is to teach students how the Packers set themselves apart from other NFL franchises, and how the team helped form Titletown itself.  In the semester’s first half, students will learn about the early history of football and Packers' history in a lecture space with Hensel and receive a special tour of the Hall of Fame. For the remainder of the semester, students will research projects of their design on the Packers and their connection to the Green Bay community, which they will present to a group at Lambeau Field at the end of the semester.

"When you study it, you're surrounded by the buildings and the families and the legends and the things that play a role in that history. You can physically be in those places," said Heidi Sherman, history program chair.