49er fans get fresh ink ahead of the Big Game

CONCORD, Calif. (KRON) — There’s no doubt that 49er fans are some of the most loyal in the NFL.

The fan base has even dubbed themselves the “49er Faithful.”

But some fans are going to the extreme to show their support for the team – by getting tattoos.

Silver Needle Studios in Concord was busy Friday with Niner fans looking to get some fresh ink.

They’re not simple 49er logos either. These fans are opting for more complex pieces that have meaning behind them.

One fan incorporated Polynesian designs into his Niner tattoo.

The symbols represent different aspects of the team, according to the artist. The arrowhead is a symbol for strength and overcoming challenges while the braid represents a close-knit family, just like the team.

Another fan at the tattoo shop was actually getting his second 49er tattoo.

He got his first one six years ago but once the team made it to the Super Bowl, he knew it was time to get another.

This fan decided to also pay tribute to legendary Bay Area rapper E-40 by adding ‘Bang Bang Niner Gang‘ to his new ink.