"We saw a big orange light:" Step inside the "UFO Headquarters of the World"

DUNDEE -- As Chip began seeking out weird things in Wisconsin, he came across an inconspicuous building just north of Dundee on Long Lake. Inside Chip found the "UFO Headquarters of the World."

When you come into the headquarters there's only one name that you need to know, Bill Benson. He is the owner of Benson's Hideaway and the keeper of all UFO stories and sightings.

Benson's Hideaway (website)

Benson's Hideaway, situated in the Kettle Moraine State Forest on Long Lake, Dundee Mountain is an annual gathering place for believers and non-believers alike, celebrating UFO Daze in summer and continuing the legend all year long with tales of extraterrestrial variety.

Bill Benson, owner of Benson's Hideaway, is the local registrar for UFO sightings, keeping records and sharing countless photos of the encounters with anyone who stops in for a look. Stay long enough at Benson's place, and you may get to hear an incoming phone call sighting or abduction story. When you stop in, tell Bill you saw him on UFO Wisconsin.