Ways you can burn off some of those Thanksgiving calories without hitting the gym

MILWAUKEE -- Get this, the average American may consumer more than twice as many calories than is recommended for a single day during a holiday feast. Lisa Grudzielanek with Your Tasty Life joins Real Milwaukee with some suggestions on how you can burn off all those Thanksgiving calories.

1. Participate Drumstik Dash 5K

Running a 5K, which is 3.1 miles, you'll burn about 550 calories, that's equal to a serving of turkey and stuffing!
3oz of roasted white turkey meat is 125 calories & stuffing is 350 calories per cup.

Just think, you'll have burned off over 500 calories before you even begin your feast.
Not a runner but can trot (walk) 3.1 miles, that's 300 calories burned. Your close to burning off that cup of stuffing!
*Calories are based on 185# person

2. Grocery Shopping
150 calories for 30-minutes.
Hauling grocery bags, walking and pushing a cart adds up!
Congrats you've burned off your ¼ cup cranberry sauce, which is 100 calories.

3. Hit a Zumba class before Thanksgiving dinner
An hour of Zumba burns about 540 calories.
Takes care of your green bean casserole at 250 calories per ¾ cup and dinner roll with butter 150 calories.

4. Guys get out & play flag football before Thanksgiving dinner
An hour of tossing around a football with your family burns 200-350 calories.
Say goodbye potatoes. Mashed potatoes with butter 1 cup 240 calories.

5. Raking leaves the day before
350 calories for 60-minutes.
Great upper body work out.
1/8 of an 9' Pumpkin pie is 320 calories.

6. Clean Up
An hour spent clearing and washing dishes will burn about 100 calories.
Cleanup could be the cure for 6 Large Shrimp with Shrimp Cocktail Sauce (2Tbs) --85 calories

7. Kids Help Burn Calories too
30-minutes of carrying & running around with small children can burn about 180 calories.
See you later, medium cookies, which is 150 calories.