Travel lighter: The service delivering goods to your next destination

MILWAUKEE -- Vacations are supposed to be restful -- not stressful! Luckily there's a business in town making that easier for parents. Silvia Cortes with BabyQuip joins Real Milwaukee to tell us about the services they offer parents, grandparents and more.

Silvia Cortes works with BabyQuip - a service that rents, delivers and sets up baby gear when a family visits the Milwaukee area, or when local grandparents entertain visiting grandkids. This way parents can pack light on their travels to Milwaukee but still have things like full-size cribs, strollers, infant swings, high chairs, books, games and toys to keep their little ones safe and happy during their stays. She delivers to hotels, homes, Airbnbs and other vacation rentals.

About BabyQuip (website)

BabyQuip helps families pack light and travel happy to hundreds of destinations in the US and Canada. Powered by a trusted community of trained, insured and (we think) amazing Independent Quality Partners (QPs), BabyQuip delivers and sets up clean, quality baby gear at a family’s hotel, vacation rental or private residence.

Founded in 2016 by parents who believed family vacations could be more restful, memorable and fun, BabyQuip addresses a common family travel challenge. It's nearly impossible to carry little ones through crowded airports while also lugging all the bulky baby gear necessary to enjoy a comfortable, home-like experience when traveling.

BabyQuip offers a simple solution. We provide families with a wide assortment of clean, quality baby equipment—everything they need to keep their little ones sleeping well at night and happily engaged during the day. When this happens everyone gets to rest, relax and recharge.