Transform your Thanksgiving table: Impress your guests without a lot of effort

MILWAUKEE -- If you're hosting Thanksgiving -- the food isn't the only thing on the table that can impress your guests. Local designer, Collin Falvey of Collin O'Brien Event and Designs, joins Real Milwaukee with some ideas to take your table decorations up a notch.

Idea #1) Pop of Color
Tip- Other on trend colors to consider are Millennial Pink, Deep Purple, and Matte Black

Idea #2) Table Fashion
Tip- Use scarfs/ fabrics in layers, mix and match patterns/textiles for depth

Idea #3) Branch of Gratitude
Tip- Florals can be attached using Hot Glue, An upholstery Stapler, or PushPins
Tip- you can also use real flowers

 Idea #4) An Artists Canvas
Tip- use household items like coasters, plates, cans, and DVD Cases to trace designs

Idea #5) Break The Rules
Tip- place jars of crayons for kids to color and play games