The "wet" hair look is everywhere: What you need to do to rock this high-fashion trend

MILWAUKEE -- From the runways to red carpets -- the "wet" hair look is everywhere. But not everyone has a Hollywood stylist. Scott Yance of Scottfree Salon joins Real Milwaukee to show us how we can rock this look at home.


1. Prep with an anti-frizz product: Most of these wet-looking styles actually start on dry hair and require a smooth, yet textured finish. Use an anti-frizz treatment, which assists in frizz control while allowing your natural texture to shine through.

2. Texture is key: If you weren't born with textured hair, you can create texture with the right product, like sea salt spray.

3. Create volume near your hairline only: A big element to nailing the wet hair look is making sure your style has some volume near the front hairline and the crown area, with flatness at the back and sides. Volumizing mousse offers volume and hold for all hair types.

4. Choose your preferred level of hold: The hold factor of your style is what will help it transition from day into night. Using a medium-hold crème will add shine to the hair, so your wet look is chic enough for daytime but strong enough to carry you into the evening. For a bolder wet finish, a firm holding gel will give you a high shine finish without making the hair look plastered or creating a flaky finish.

5. Finish with a high-shine spray: A shiny sleek finish combined with a strong hold factor is exactly what is needed.