Stepping Stone Farms is a non-profit horse rescue, therapeutic riding facility

FRANKSVILLE -- The weather will be beautiful again this weekend, so why not get outside for a day of horseplay? Lia Sader of Stepping Stone Farms joins Real Milwaukee to tell us all about their upcoming event.

Stepping Stone Farms School of Horsemanship (website)

Stepping Stone Farms is a non-profit horse rescue and therapeutic riding facility in Franksville that serves the needs of people in the South East Wisconsin area. In our Equine Assisted Therapy programs, people experience physical and emotional healing through riding and interacting with the horses, which can improve his or her self-esteem, relationship skills and quality of life.

Driven by the passion to provide a professional outlet for the broadening of young minds, Stepping Stone Farms addresses the community need to reach out to at-risk youth. Recognized by several local organizations, this ambitious non-profit organization constantly furthers its reach.

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