Spiked with Wisconsin cheese: Some unique ways to use butter to dress up your holiday feasts

MILWAUKEE -- You know what could make your holiday dinner even better? Butter! Especially if you spike it with Wisconsin cheese. Wisconsin's own Alice in Dairyland is back with some flavored butter.

`Tis the season for creating holiday memories, inspired entertaining and reconnecting with family and friends. What do all of these things have in common? They are all made even better with Wisconsin Dairy Products!

Dazzle your party guests with rich and decadent Mascarpone Spritz cookies or upgrade menus with on-trend flavored butter, spiked with Wisconsin cheese.

Why are your recipes better with local butter?

1. It is a sustainable choice. Local products have a smaller carbon footprint and travel less distance from the farm to your local store, and into your kitchen. This promotes better air quality and reduces pollution.

2. It connects you to local farmers. By supporting the local economy and dairy farmers, this creates a closer relationship between you and the farmers in your community who produce your food.

3. It is a simple, pure ingredient. Local butter starts with the best quality milk from Wisconsin, thanks to the state`s lush grasslands. That is something you can feel good about serving your family and friends.

4. It makes homemade cooking and baking fresher. When it comes to irreplaceable flavor and texture, all-natural butter makes a huge difference. Not only is it delicious and nutritious, but Wisconsin butter is also pure and all-natural, which will make rich sauces, golden flakey crusts and buttery cookies.

5. It works for all your kitchen needs. Before buying, make sure you have the best butter for the job! Unsalted Butter is a solid choice for cooking and baking while Salted Butter is recommended to spread on foods like fresh bread or mashed potatoes. Cultured Butter or European-Style Butter are also ideal for baking and can provide a rich, complex flavor. For cooking needs with high heat, Clarified Butter and Ghee will get the job done without much splatter or burning.

When you use a powerhouse ingredient, like real butter, it doesn`t take a lot of time or effort to get a great tasting meal on the table. Make cooking and baking easy this holiday season with recipes found on WisconsinCheese.com

Flavored butter
When it comes to festivities details matter. Don`t forget to give a little extra love to your butter. Wisconsin farm-to-table butter is all-natural, and when it`s blended with Wisconsin cheese the pairing adds even more delectable flavor giving that extra-special touch to entrees, side dishes, and bread.

• Zesty Lemon and Dill Havarti Butter
• Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar Butter

Mascarpone Spritz Cookies:
Award-winning mascarpone cheese adds yummy richness and decadence to elevate buttery spritz cookies. A twist on the classic, these cookies will become a must-have holiday or special occasion favorite!