Sizzling and simple: A fajita recipe straight from a Mexican restaurant's kitchen

MILWAUKEE -- You know when someone orders that sizzling plate of fajitas and a server walks by you with it and you immediately regret what you ordered? Now you can make them at home! Chef Feker with 2Mesa joins Real Milwaukee with the fajita recipe they serve there.

Mixiote-Rubbed Breast of Organic Chicken Fajitas


• 1 table spoon of chipotle powder
• 1 table spoon of smoked Paprika
• 1 table spoon of coriander
• 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper
• 1 table spoon of black pepper
• 4 tablespoon of olive oil split in half
• 1 chipotle pepper diced
• 2 roma tomatoes diced.
• 1 each red, yellow, green bell peppers
• 1 onion sliced in long strips
• salt to taste.

1. Add ½ olive oil to a heavy bottom pan and start cooking the peppers and onions
2. Meanwhile Mix all spices in a large rimed plate
3. Season 4 pounded chicken breast with salt then dredge 1 side on the chicken in the spice mix
4. Cook on the spiced rubbed side until juices run clear.
5. Remove chicken slice
6. Meanwhile add the diced chipotle and tomatoes to the same pan return sliced chicken and add
your cooked fajita vegies to the same pan. Toss and serve.