Recipes that score! Some perfect tailgate treats for your next trip to Miller Park

MILWAUKEE -- Do you following the Brewers on Pinterest? If you, you might want to pin this! They have a tailgating checklist on their Pinterest page -- which we've also pinned on ours. The list includes everything from tickets to toothpicks and baseball gloves to bottle openers.

Citali Mendieta-Ramos of Antigua Latin Restaurant joins Real Milwaukee with some recipes you'll love eating in the parking lot.

Recipe for: Carne Asada Marinade – Serves 4


    Squeeze the juice of the oranges into a large bowl where you will be marinating the meat. Remove the cilantro leaves from the stem, and dice up along with the onions. Add them to the bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Mix well, and add the meat to the bowl. Let it marinate for at least 2 hours. Grill the meat on each side for at least 6 minutes.

    You can substitute the Mexican beer for a stout.

    Recipe for: Cuban Mojo Marinade– for 2 lbs of meat (Yield varies)

      -Mash garlic, salt and pepper into a paste, using a mortar and a pestle. If you don’t have one available, just mince the garlic, add the salt and pepper and mix well.
      -Add the oregano, canola oil, orange juice and lime juice and mix well.
      -Rub the meat with the mix and let it marinate for at least 24 hours, or as long as possible.
      -The yield of the marinate will variety from time to time depending on the size of the garlic cloves, and the juice of the oranges. Adjust quantities up or down as necessary.
      -Best meats to use are Beef ribs or pork.

      Recipe for: Southwest Chicken Salad Wraps
      Ingredients Directions


          -Mix the ranch dressing with the taco seasoning.
          -Cut the avocado in slices and set aside
          -Mix the pulled chicken, diced tomatoes, mozzarella, and tortilla
          strips in a bowl.
          -Warm up the flour tortillas
          -Make the wraps:
          1. Spread one slice of avocado on the center or the wrap
          2. Put the salad mix in the middle of the tortilla
          3. Drizzle some dressing over the salad
          4. Fold sides half way in, leaving room for filling to spread out
          5. Fold the bottom third up
          6. Keep folding, and tuck in fillings as you go
          7. Press down to seal nice and neat

          Recipe for: Tequila Cream Dip

            -Sautee the onions and jalapenos for a couple of minutes
            -Add the zest of a lime, a pinch of salt and the sour cream.
            -Mix well until the sour cream begins to soft
            -Add the ½ of the lime juice and the tequila.
            -Mix well and serve at either room temperature or cold with
            tortilla chips or Doritos.

            Recipe for: Choriqueso – Melted cheese with chorizo and beer

              -Sautee the onions and jalapenos with butter for about a minute, then add the flour stirring until it’s golden.
              -Pour the beer and bring to a boil.
              -Gradually add the milk, whisking and bring to boil until thickened.
              -Add the cheese and chorizo and reduce to a low heat
              -Stir frequently until the cheese fully melts.
              -Transfer to a serving dish and garnish with cilantro
              -Serve with tortilla chips