On a tight budget? Seasoned family traveler shares techniques to stretch your money

MILWAUKEE -- There's no doubt about it -- traveling is expensive -- especially when you have an entire family in tow. But they can help cover some costs. Andrea Khan with The Family Backpack joins Real Milwaukee with a family money saving challenge -- and other travel budgeting techniques.

The Money Saving or Penny Challenge is a money saving technique ideal for young children. Over the course of a year, you end up saving $667 by putting one more cent in a jar per day. So on the first day, you put one penny in, the second day two pennies, the third day three, and so on until the end of the year when the most you'll put in the jar is $3.65. When you count it all up, though, you will have saved almost $700, which you can then put towards your vacation!

Other family-friendly travel budgeting techniques: