Need some motivation to get moving and eat healthier? Learn about the Healthy Family Challenge

MILWAUKEE -- Summer is here -- and it's a great time to be active with the family. Unfortunately it's also so busy that some healthy habits can get away from us. That's why you might want to consider signing up for the Healthy Family Challenge. Katie Horrigan with Children's Hospital joins Real Milwaukee to tell us all about the program they're doing in partnership with Kohl's Cares.

This summer Mission: Healthy Kids, a partnership of Kohl`s Cares® and Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, is offering an opportunity for all Wisconsin families to participate in a FREE Summer Healthy Family Challenge between July 1-August 16.

The Challenge focuses on nutrition, physical activity and healthy minds and offers families a fun way to start thinking about improving or implementing some healthy habits.

• Eating more meals at home (which is hard to do in the summer).
• Trying new fruits and vegetables  and maybe from a local farmer's market.
• Having kids help with some healthy meal planning and shopping for the ingredients.
• Planning ahead and taking healthy snacks with you.

Healthy Minds:
• Going screen free for an entire day.
• Getting 8 hours or more of sleep a night.
• Implementing family reading time.

How does the Challenge work?
1. Beginning Monday, July 1, families can go to to register to participate.
2. They take the Challenge by downloading the Family Wellness Bingo card that has a number of things families can do together. One Bingo will equal completing 5 items — one per category.
3. To complete the Challenge, families will go back online to complete a short Challenge Questionnaire, upload their completed Family Wellness Bingo Sheet and photos by August 16, 2019.
4. Families completing the Challenge by August 16 will be entered into a drawing to win one of five family prize packages.

Five family prize packages include: Fitbit fitness trackers, a One Potato meal service certificate and a Wisconsin State Parks pass.