Love S'mores? Check out the different ways to melt marshmallows

MILWAUKEE -- If you can't get enough of S'mores this summer -- why not S'more recipes? Our associate producer, Brittany, went to Pinterest and found some different ways to melt marshmallows.

1. S'mores on a stick: take a large marshmellow and put it on a stick. Next, dip marshmallow in chocolate, roll in graham crackers, and let sit.

2. S'mores truffles: Crush up graham crackers until they are fine. Mix crumbs with marshmallow fluff and cream cheese. Form mixture into balls and refrigerate. Melt baking chocolate in a double boiler. Dip s'more balls into melted chocolate then place onto wax paper and refigerate again.

3. S'more dip: Place chocolate chips in bottom of cast-iron pan. Cut large marshmallows in half and set on top on chocolate chips. Bake until mallows turn a golden brown. Dip graham crackers into pan.

4. S'mores crescent rolls: Place chocolate chips and marshmellows inside of raw crescent roll. Roll up and bake.

5. Inside out S'mores bars: Buy boxed brownie mix. Make as package directs. Pour half the batter into cake pan. Place sheets on graham crackers on top, then mini marshmallows. Pour the rest of brownie batter on top and back as directed.