Looking for the perfect workout partner? Couples fitness is becoming a growing trend

MILWAUKEE -- Looking for the perfect workout partner? You may need to look no further than your partner in life. Erika Alexander of Push Functional Fitness and Royal Ramseur of Empowered Bootcamps join Real Milwaukee to talk about couples fitness and why it's become a growing trend.

About Push Functional Fitness (website)

Our focus at Push Functional Fitness is on using functional fitness, core-focused strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and nutrition to achieve client goals for a healthier more energized lifestyle.  A trainer will motivate you, teach you, and push you toward these goals, with a personalized life-coach approach.  Training does not end at the fitness studio, as Push trainers are on call 24/7 to help you incorporate functional fitness into all aspects of your life.  Our approach is multi-dimensional. In addition to providing structured workouts, we suggest ways to burn more calories throughout the day, share healthy recipes, and even help you grocery shop.  We directly take you “under our wing” to address your needs & goals and get you to where you want to be!