It's homemade and will help mom RELAX: The DIY Mother's Day gift you've been searching for

MILWAUKEE -- If your mom loves relaxing outside -- this easy project could make the perfect Mother's Day gift. It could also be a great outdoor feature for anyone looking for a peaceful retreat. Dormie Roberts with Blaine's Famr and Fleet joins Real Milwaukee to show us how to make a simple container fountain.

How to Make a Container Fountain
1. Materials: You`ll need a fountain kit to get the water bubbling in your container fountain. There are all kinds of different kits available. The best choice is the Pond Boss Container Fountain Kit, which comes with everything you`ll need for the fountain.

2. Choose a container for your container fountain. You can pick from a variety of planters. Pick a bright planter if you want to add a flash of color to your garden. You can choose a subtle earth tone planter if you want a sense of calm from your water feature. This is really where your personal taste and creativity come in.

3. It`s helpful to pick a pot or planter with a drainage hole in the bottom. If your desired pot or planter doesn`t have a drainage hole, you will have to drill a hole through the bottom for the pump cord to go through. Don`t forget your safety glasses and protective gloves for this part. Use a 1-1/4″ x 6″ drill bit to drill a 1-1/4″ wide hole in the bottom of the planter. Place your pump inside your planter. Feed the cord through the drainage hole. Secure the cord and close the drainage hole with the attached rubber stopper. This will make the container watertight.

4. You will need to locate your container fountain near an electrical outlet for the pump to work. After you have fed the pump`s electrical cord through the drainage hole, make sure you have enough slack to reach the electrical cord. Don`t plug the cord in yet! Also, make sure there`s enough slack for the pump inside the pot. You will want the pump to reach a few inches below the water`s surface.

5. Fill the container up with water. If you need to elevate the pump in the container, stack up bricks for the pump to sit on. Make sure the pump reaches within a few inches of the water`s surface. Once you have the pump fully submerged, plug it in. Enjoy your container fountain!