Inexpensive Halloween costumes: Get-ups you can create using things around your house

MILWAUKEE -- Every year Halloween costumes climb in price -- not to mention, everyone ends up wearing the same thing! But you can change things up with a unique costume made from items you can find around the house, a few craft supplies and the help of your kiddos. Local blogger Krista Bainbridge with Savory Savings joins Real Milwaukee to help us get started.

Cute as Bug
- For little ones, create a quick and simple bug costume! Here we have a ladybug made from a red shirt, black bottom and wings that I picked up at the dollar store. Make a simple set of antennae with a headband and pipe cleaners. Just as easily you could do black and yellow for a bumblebee! *Fun parent costume idea: Dress as a flower for your little bug!

Get ready for a rainy day
- Grab a hat and attach some fluff (fake snow or cotton batting). Simple yarn and felt make this hat the easiest and cutest costume for your little one. Select an all blue outfit and rain boots to finish out this outfit. Easy add-ons include a rainbow or sunshine for behind the clouds.

Grab a cup of coffee
- Again we are using that hat and fluff as the baseline - but now it is a delicious and tasty whipped topping on one of our favorite drinks! Throw on a red outfit, wrap with a paper bag and logo for an instant latte! We used a painted toilet paper roll as our straw!

A dose of sugar - Jelly beans
- This one is super simple and fun for kids to help with. All it takes a clear plastic garbage bag and a pack of balloons! Simply add in arm and leg holes (I recommend double bagging to prevent rips!) and then add in balloons (keep them small to look like jelly beans!)

Painter and palette
- This can be a standalone - your little one is both the painter (add a beret for a fun touch!) wearing the palette over the body. Simply made with Styrofoam board (found at the dollar store) and paint. Or you could add a parent or sibling as the paintbrush - think single color outfit and then a headband (or your hair??) spiked up!

Chef and Spaghetti
- This duo is so adorable, you can`t help but eat them up! The chef comes together easily with a few goodies from your pantry. Grab an apron, oven mitt and this quick chef`s hat using paper and tissue paper. You can give them stock pot to gather their candy in!
- But a chef isn`t a chef without a meal! Here we have some spaghetti and meatballs. I grabbed a classic picnic tablecloth at the dollar store, cut a hole to slip your head through and made 'plate of pasta' using raffia, Styrofoam balls and paint. Add a colander as a hat and you have created one tasty costume!