Holiday guide for travelers: Gift ideas for people all ages who love to travel

MILWAUKEE -- Great gifts for people who are always on the go. Andrea Khan with The Family Backpack joins Real Milwaukee with some gifting ideas for people of all ages who love to travel.

1. For Baby
A travel Learning Love from Babyjack and Company. This 14' x 18' blanket is perfect for planes, cars or any little ones on the move. The attached ribbons provide entertainment and the included teething ring is a great bonus. It also comes with a clip for strollers, car seats, etc so your baby`s new favorite lovey won`t get left behind.

2. For Young Kids
ModFamily My Brick Case: Portable Storage for Kids Building Bricks with Play Surface for Storing and Building Bricks On-The-Go. These are perfect for road trips or flights or even layovers in the airport!

3. For Tween & teenagers
OTG 24/7 Bags that can be used as a purse, a makeup bag, a bag for tech items and much more. Several have straps that are removable and can be used as a wristlet or over the shoulder bag.

4. For Moms
Travel size essential oils to help relax while on the go. We especially love lavender, Melaleuca or Tea Tree oil and peppermint for traveling mamas. A bonus is they are great to stick in her stocking!

5. For The Family
A World Map to document travels or use as you're planning trips as a family. We love one from Archibald Clutterbuck that is family friendly and includes characters from this educational series. Pin maps and scratch off maps are also great. (Andrea actually has a world map in her kitchen!)