Feeling overwhelmed? Expert shares some ways to calm down, cope with stress

MILWAUKEE -- Are you feeling overwhelmed lately? You could be stressed out! April is Stress Awareness Month and Christine Finerty of Touchstone Counseling joins Real Milwaukee to help us all cope with the worry, stress and anxiety.

About Touchstone Counseling (website)

The name Touchstone Counseling was born from the definition of the word Touchstone which, loosely translated, meansA standard of measurement against which the quality and genuineness of another thing can be tested.  It is also commonly referred to as a Gold Standard.

Similar to setting a goal, a touchstone is unique to each individual.  When life gets busy and stress, fear and worry get the better of you it’s easy to lose your way and fall off-track.  Having a touchstone helps to shine the light on where you currently are in your life and also serves as a reminder of who and where you want to be.