Fast, fresh, straight from the farmer's market: The produce you can pick up today

MILWAUKEE -- There's one in practically every town -- and they're a great way to enjoy the outdoors while doing your grocery shopping. Maggie Joos with The Real Good Life joins Real Milwaukee with three easy meals that can be made with items at Farmer's Markets now.

1. Cheese, spinach and tomato sandwich on Angelic Bakehouse bread with mixed greens (Shared Seasons Farms)

2. Cheesy stuffed portabellas (both mushrooms and sauce from River Valley Kitchens)

3. Easy grilled pork chops (Morningstar) with asparagus (river valley farms)

4. 'Kitchen sink frittata' - eggs from Shared Seasons, asparagus and mushrooms from RV Farms, cheese from Decatur dairy, sorrel from kaleidoscope farms)

Bonus - everyone knows the best part of the farmers market is what you can eat while you're there. This year, Maggie recommends trying the hand pies from Hatched or spring rolls from Funky Fresh Spring Rolls at the Wauwatosa Farmers Market.