Easy Easter crafts: Some projects that will bring an element of nature into your home

MILWAUKEE -- Easter will be here before you know it -- so now is the time to add a pop of spring to your home. Designer Collin Falvey joins Real Milwaukee with some DIY Easter decor.

About O'Brien Designs (website)

Collin Falvey is known for being an eccentric spirit who defy's the mold of what most people would consider "the norm". Through his innovative creativity, Collin is able to take the most abstract of elements and turn them into a complete and formulated design.

Through the years, Collin has made a name for himself in the Milwaukee community through various forms of art such as music and dance, but has most recently been recognized for his taste and execution in the design world. Most prominently, Collin has had the honor of being a guest designer/volunteer at the White House for their annual Holiday Decorations.