Don't get branded a double dipper: The unspoken etiquette of chips and dips

MILWAUKEE -- We're just two days away from the Super Bowl -- which means two days from great snacks. A recent data analysis found seven-layer dip is the most popular -- followed by buffalo chicken dip. Speaking of dip, we have some great recipes you can try this weekend. But don't forget there are rules to following with dip. Starla Batzko with Starla's Seasonings joins FOX6 WakeUp with her dip etiquette.

So don't break the unspoken dip rules!

1. Double dipping. It's ok with immediate family, but otherwise, probably not. instead, put a man-size portion on your plate and dip freely. Also, there is just one way to double-dip. If you dip off one end of the chip or vegetable, the non-dipped opposite end is still technically free to be dipped. However, you must make sure that your fellow dippers see you flipping the chip. Otherwise, arguments may begin and you will be forever branded a double dipper who claims to be a flipper!!!

2. Don't dip at the same time. If two people are gong for the dip -- follow traffic rules. The person to the right has the right of way.

3. Never leave a broken chip behind! Get a bigger chip and use it as a rescue device.

It will be tempting to break all the dip etiquette rules with these easy recipes!

Warm Cheesy Buffalo Wing Ranch Crab or Chicken Dip with Bacon



    Mix together all the above ingredients until will combined. Heat until bubbly in your oven, microwave or slow cooker.

    Enjoy with Starla's Garlic & Herb Beer Bread, chips, sliced baguettes, nachos or vegetables.

    OVEN: Place mixture into an oven safe 16 oz baking dish and bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for 20 minutes or until warm and bubbly

    MICROWAVE: Microwave until bubbly hot.

    SLOW COOKER: This recipe is also is easy to prepare in a slow cooker: add all ingredients to slow cooker and stir. Put on low for 2 hours. Keep on WARM, but watch and stir, so it does not overheat and dry out.

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