Doesn't have to be boring: 3 ways to dress up boxed mac and cheese

MILWAUKEE -- This late in the week we are stumbling into the dinner hour. We're not ready to totally give in to take out yet -- but we're looking for something easy. Enter boxed mac and cheese. Maggie Joos from "The Real Good Life" joins Real Milwaukee with three ways to dress up the kid-friendly dinner.

Three ways to dress it up:

1. Flavor: sharp cheddar becomes Low Impact, High Reward. Just add frozen peas and plain yogurt. You could also try stir-fry veggies or half a pound of ground meat with taco seasoning.

2. Flavor: white cheddar becomes Italian Inspired. Just add a couple of tablespoons of jarred pesto sauce and cherry tomatoes! You could also add jarred roasted red peppers and chicken breast sautéed with Penzey`s Greek Seasoning

3. Flavor: cheddar shells and cheese becomes Kitchen Sink Mac and Cheese. Throw in whatever you have - steamed broccoli, bacon, pulled pork, chives, salt and pepper, tabasco, bbq sauce, salsa, more cheese -- the possibilities are endless!