Deck the halls: DIY projects that will give your home a festival feel

MILWAUKEE -- He's put his Christmas touch on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue a few years now -- and today he joined Real Milwaukee to help you get your home into the holiday spirit. Collin Falvey with Collin O'Brien Event and Designs joins Real Milwaukee to talk about the work he did at the White House -- and offer you some decorating ideas too.

Project #1: Cranberry Topiary's

Betty Ford first introduced the idea of creating Cranberry Topiary Trees for the Red Room in 1975, and they have been a Tradition ever since. Fun Fact: Since the pieces are made of Real Cranberries, backup pieces are created to be swapped out every two weeks.

Pro-Tip: Use larger berries at the bottom and smaller as you move towards the tip for a precise and uniform look.

Project #2: Fan Tree's

In 2017, Fan's adorned the fireplace mantle of the Vermeil Room, also know as the "First Ladies Room". The White House holds the world's 2nd largest collection of Vermeil Pieces.

Pro-Tip: You can also use other materials such as Scrapbook Paper, Tissue, or Cellophane to create fans.