Dating during the holidays: Keeping new and budding relationships from breaking up, but how?

MILWAUKEE -- The holidays are stressful, but throw in a new love interest and you might even see Santa squirm. Julie Amann of "It's Just Lunch" joins Real Milwaukee with some seasonal dating do's and don'ts.

What's the best way for singles and couples to navigate all of the holiday hoopla?

Mingle as a Single
Just because you don`t have a date doesn't mean you have to be a Grinch.

    Office Party Etiquette
    Whether yours is a low-key affair or a big 'to do', it can often be intimidating for a new date to meet your co-workers.

      Meeting the Family
      Family and romance don`t always mix -- so make sure you and your date are really ready to take that next step!

        Gift Giving
        Gifts could be the trigger to sending a budding relationship into a nosedive! So...