Cut your costs! Some creative, crafty Halloween costumes made out of cardboard

MILWAUKEE -- Creative costumes on the cheap! Lara Behrendt with Two Men and a Truck join Real Milwaukee with five different getups you can make suing cardboard boxes and a few inexpensive supplies.

Rubik's Cube
a. 1 medium size Two Men & a Truck box, sheets of construction paper (red, blue, yellow, green, orange, white), craft glue, black spray paint, box cutter & scissors

a. 1 large TMT box (flattened), brown spray paint, marshmallows, wide ribbon, hot glue gun, box cutter

Operation Game
a. 1 large TMT box (flattened), craft paint (yellow, red, flesh tone) & brushes, silver & black markers, red construction paper, craft glue, wide ribbon, box cutter, HD kitchen shears

French Fry
a. 1 medium size TMT box, red craft paint & brush, yellow construction paper, craft glue, wide ribbon, box cutter

a. 1 small TMT box, white spray paint, multi-color thick yarn, construction paper, black marker, wide ribbon, craft glue/super glue, box cutter