Colorful crafts: DIY projects that will help your kids pass some time

MILWAUKEE -- Are your kids saying "I'm bored" already? Sarah Vanderkooy to the rescue! The mommy blogger joins Real Milwaukee with three activities that will color them creative.

1. Kids chalk paint. Use up broken pieces of chalk to make vibrant chalk paint. This is a simple process where you crush up small pieces of chalk into a powder then mix in water to create a paint. Kids can use paint brushes to create vibrant works of art outside.

2. Salt painting. This is a fun and creative activity for kids of all ages. Using white glue draw pictures no a piece of dark construction. Sprinkle table salt over the glue then using watercolor paints you can color the salt. The salt absorbs the paint and it spreads along the lines of glue. It`s fun to watch the colors blend and makes beautiful art work.

3. Water bead stress balls. (This activity is best for elementary school kids, those beyond the age where they would put the beads or stress balls in their mouths.) Water beads are a fun sensory item that feel amazing. For this activity I would use colorful water beads to fill a clear balloon. When the balloon is filled and sealed it creates a stress ball that kids can play with for days.