Buzz worthy bites and beverages: 5 dietary trends to try in 2020

MILWAUKEE -- We're almost to the start of a new year -- which means new food trends will be hitting stores and restaurants soon. Registered dietitian Lisa Grudzielanek with  Metcalfe’s Market joins Real Milwaukee with five trends to try in 2020.

1. A continuation of the 2018 top trend: Plant-based meat, milk, and cheese. Along with the emergence of meat-plant blends.
2. Low-carb adult beverages— spiked seltzer, craft beer, and others.
3. Artisan cheese- high quality, real cheese will pop-up on more restaurant menus and in more grocery carts.
4. Alternative flours in the baking aisle and used in more snacks and frozen aisle foods.
5. 'Fresh' Snacks- Take the pain out of preparing and portioning snacks in advance with wholesome grab and go convenience of refrigerated snacks such as hard-boiled eggs w/ topping, charcuterie trays, dips, nutritional bars, yogurt w/healthy pre-portions toppings.