Attention parents: Some simple hacks that will save you some headaches

MILWAUKEE -- Tim Weiland of Babies'R'Us joins Real Milwaukee with some hacks that can save moms and dads some headaches.

Each day in May, Babies'R'Us has been releasing a new M.O.M (Month of May) 'hack' that features a simple solution to dreaded parenting tasks-- like cleaning tips for the cup holder in your toddler`s car seat or how to save time when cleaning baby's bottles.

Cup holder cleanup:
Cup holder = mess holder. Put a cupcake liner in your child`s car seat cup holder, so no matter what your child puts in it, just take it out when you get home!

Wipes to the rescue:
Keep those baby wipes handy. They de-frizz hair, wipe off sand, and clean makeup brushes, too. Keep a stash in the car to wipe down sticky steering wheels and consoles, too!

Baby bottle washing tip:
Stop washing baby bottles individually. Soak all bottles, nipples, rings, vents & valves together in a big bowl of soapy water for easy and speedy cleanup.

Gum Soother:
Freeze some formula in an ice-cube tray, then place cube in a mesh feeder to soothe baby`s gum

Wash toys in mesh bags:
Put toys in a mesh bag to get them squeaky clean in the washing machine. Pro tip: use baby laundry detergent in the delicate/gentle cycle with cool or warm water - not hot.

Baby Brake Pads:
No grips on your toddler`s shoes? Slow down those fast tiny feet with puffy paint on the soles.