Answer all questions: Child development expert addresses nudity in your home

MILWAUKEE -- When you have babies and toddlers, running from the shower to your bedroom naked isn't a big deal. But at what point should we wrap up in a towel in front of our kids? Child development expert, Jessica Lahner with Carroll University, joins Real Milwaukee to help us sort it all out.

A body without clothes on isn't wrong or bad - it's the meaning we make of the nakedness that can be harmful.

    ● Answer all questions - avoiding questions or shaming kids when asking communicates that the body part is bad or wrong
    ● Answer in a matter-of-fact manner
    ● Use correct names for body parts

    Signs that covering up is the way to go:
    1. You are starting to feel uncomfortable being naked. Listen to that intuition and transition to requesting privacy.
    2. Your child asks you to cover up or tries not to look when you are naked in front of them.
    3. Your child requests privacy for themselves.
    ● In response to these situations, thank them for asking for what they want, and respect your child's new level of comfort without judgement.