Add some elegance: Tips, tricks to make outdoor entertaining easy

MILWAUKEE -- 'Tis the season for outdoor soirees! Collin Falvey with Collin O’Brien Event & Designs joins Real Milwaukee with some ways to add some elegance to your next outdoor event.

Project 1: K.I.S.S.
Tip: Using all neutral tones and textures turns the focus back to nature. For a pop of color, pick one from your garden or landscaping.

Project 2: Frugal Floral
Tip: Mixing and Matching simple leaves can can looks cleaner and more elegant then overwhelming guests with flowers. Using greenery from your own yard adds a unique and personal touch!

Project 3: Creating Ambiance
Tip: Screws work better then nails. Make sure the length of your screw is about 1/2 -1inch longer then your branch.