270 square feet of uniqueness: The things you'll find inside The Purple Turtle in Brown Deer

BROWN DEER -- More than 150 vendors in just 270 square feet! It's what's new in Brown Deer. Photojournalist Susanne Barthel takes you inside the Purple Turtle.

About The Purple Turtle (website)

We are an artisan collective featuring many different artists from all over the country and emphasizing local and regional work. Everything is handmade and is specially curated for its functionality and beauty.

This project is a true labor of love. It started as a seed when I moved to the Stockholm, WI area in September of 2013. A time when I had just left everything I knew in the city to begin a new life with my fella and his dog. Little did I know I was going to encounter an encouraging community with huge hearts and a special knack for helping people realize their dreams. Through a few years of brainstorming, dreaming and wishing an incredible pool of people helped me realize that the best thing I could do is just that...DO! I made the decision in the fall of 2015 and I am so proud to say that I opened the doors officially for business on May 5th, 2016.

When you put it out into the universe, the universe listens and provides. At any point during this process when I wasn't sure what I was going to do, how I was going to pay my bills or any number of things you worry about when opening a new business, things happened and answers were revealed. For that, I am grateful.

Please, stop in and say hi. More than anything I want to meet you and learn your story. If you want to hear mine...I'd be happy to share.