Open Record: The travel bug

More flights are in the air and more passengers are on planes. That's what experts say we can expect this summer. What do you need to know before booking? Plus, a COVID-19 test you administer at home with results in just 15 minutes?

In this episode of Open Record, the FOX6 Investigators invite Contact 6's Jenna Sachs on to talk about two of the biggest consumer issues happening now. Jenna breaks down the summer travel outlook and explains safety measures, airfare prices, and if airlines are requiring a vaccination or negative COVID-19 test. Plus, Jenna talks about the newest COVID-19 at-home test to hit store shelves. Learn where you can find it, how accurate it is, and in what scenarios would this test be helpful. 

In this episode's 'Off the Record' segment, the team invites their very first guest on to their imaginary late-night talk show.

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