Open Record Special Edition: The future of (tele)medicine

MILWAUKEE -- Doctor's appointments via video are the new norm as we navigate safe health care amid a pandemic. But what happens when those video calls aren't enough? After being shut down for weeks, Wisconsin health systems are rolling out plans to slowly ramp up services.

In this special edition of Open Record, FOX6 Investigators Bryan Polcyn and Amanda St. Hilaire dig into a problem happening across the country and in southeast Wisconsin: People with illnesses outside of COVID-19 struggling to find treatment.

Hear how this affects cancer patients, transplant recipients, and those with mental health treatments. The team also shares how area health care groups plan to open up and when. Plus, what will those appointments, procedures, and recovery look like?

Typically, Open Record is a podcast that takes you behind the scenes of FOX6 Investigative reports. But we’re changing things up a bit for the time being: We’re bringing you the latest on our coverage of COVID-19 here in Wisconsin. We’ll bring you more frequent episodes over the next few weeks as we navigate this.

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