Open Record: Death & Dying

Since March 2019, the Open Record team has produced more than 230 new episodes. As we work to produce all new material starting in October, we’re spending the month of September revisiting some of our favorites. This week, an encore presentation of an episode we recorded in a classroom at MSOE in 2019. It’s a tough, but important topic – Death and Dying.

 It's something we encounter repeatedly as journalists: Death and dying. But how often do we actually talk about how it affects our jobs? In this episode of Open Record, something we've never done. A live recording of a brutally honest conversation about one of the toughest parts of the job.

Jenna Sachs, Amanda St. Hilaire, and Bryan Polcyn were recently asked by Assistant Professor of Psychology, Lauren Beverung at the Milwaukee School of Engineering to come talk with the class called, 'Death and Dying.' We asked if the conversation could be recorded and turned into a podcast, and they said, "yes."