Deff-initely Milwaukee: It's time for takeoff with USAF Thunderbirds pilot Maj. Michelle Curran

MILWAUKEE -- A symbol of strength and hope roaring through America's skies. Proud Wisconsin native, Maj. Michelle Curran, went into pilot training with no flight experience. Now, she breaks the mold as just the fifth female pilot in the history of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. In this episode of Deff-initely Milwaukee, Carl Deffenbaugh talks with Maj. Curran from her home base in Las Vegas.

Hear how COVID-19 shifted the team's mission, what it's actually like to withstand that wild gravitational force while pulling off harrowing maneuvers, and how she hopes to be an inspiration to the next generation of young pilots. And yes, there's a 'Top Gun' question or two.

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