Deff-initely Milwaukee: Flip the switch with Light the Hoan's Ian Abston

A bright light in the dark. There have been plenty of challenges in 2020, but one dream in particular, became reality for one of Milwaukee's most influential voices. In this episode of Deff-initely Milwaukee, Carl Deffenbaugh talks with Ian Abston. Ian and his partners completed a four-year journey to light the entire Hoan Bridge with thousands of state-of-the-art LEDs that put on a show each and every night.

But a beautiful sight isn't all this bridge offers -- Carl and Ian talk about the impact this project could have on attracting people to Milwaukee. You'll also learn about how Ian first got involved in the city and shares a few great stories about a New Year's Eve party that didn't quite go as planned at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and the one time he picked up a hitchhiker in the rain, only to find out if was one of Milwaukee's biggest names. Plus, you'll hear how the pandemic could make Brew City the next 'it' destination.

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